BELOTERO SOFT with Lidocaine contains hyaluronic acid increases the elasticity of skin by increasing hydration, Used to correct scars and without leaving a difference between treated and untreated area.

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BELOTERO SOFT WITH LIDOCAINE 1ML  is a non-permanent, hyaluronic acid based, viscoelastic, colorless, sterile serum dermal filler. This filler removes all the fines lines on the skin including moderate to deep tissue folding. It is injected on areas like forehead lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, perioral lines etc. They are made to correct scars and without leaving a difference between treated and untreated area. They have temporary side effects such as bruising, itching, and tenderness, swelling or slight pain

BELOTERO SOFT WITH LIDOCAINE 1ML  treatment duration varies depending on the condition of the skin and type also. For deep facial folds the duration lasts less as compared to moderate facial wrinkles. In general, the patients have to get their skin checked by the doctor, every six months after the treatment. Because, only professionals can tell the exact duration criteria based on their experience and qualification.

BELOTERO SOFT WITH LIDOCAINE 1ML contains main ingredients as hyaluronic acid, present already in human body; therefore no pre-tests are required before injecting it in human body. However, there are a number of temporary side effects which last for 2-4 weeks only and instantly after that, results begin to appear on your patients’ skin.

The temporary side effects are following:

Slight pain
In some cases, permanent side effects were noticed which cause due to allergies with anti-inflammatory agents or antibiotics. Make sure to get your patients tested regarding any sort of allergy before treatment.

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